PVC Valve Spigot

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PVC Valve Spigot


Material: PVC
Material Notes: To protect PVC from deterioration from UV radiation, PVC installed outdoors should be either insulated or painted with a light coloured acrylic or latex paint that is chemically compatible with PVC. Oil-based paints should not be used.
Pressure Rating: Up to PN18 (18 Bar/260 PSI)
Pressure Rating Notes: The pressure rating will vary depending on the size and fitting configuration, please contact the Waterworks technical department for specific advise. In addition, the pressure rating must be adjusted if the fittings are to be used at elevated temperatures above 20°C. Refer to PVC Pressure Pipe & Fittings Technical Manual for temperature de-rating factors.
Operating Temperature: 4°C to 40°C
Standard Seal Temperature Notes: Maximum temperature is 60°C. Minimum and maximum temperatures are not recommended for continuous operation or for applications of continuous fluctuations to these temperatures. Also, please keep in mind, as temperatures increase thermal expansion will increase and bracket spacing will decrease. Please refer to the PVC Pressure Pipe & Fittings Technical Manual for further details.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review