The Viqua Pro Series Platinum

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This Viqua VH410 Ultraviolet system is made in Canada by the worlds largest UV manufacturers. Commonly known in New Zealand by the Sterilight and Trojan brand names. Approved under the NZDWS 2008 standards for residential water treatment. This assembled system is complete with the following, 304 Stainless Steel UV, Bracket, Cover, Bolts and Washers, Triple 10 inch Big Blue (NSF Approved) Polypropylene Housings Two (NSF Approved) Alpine Pure Gradient Density 20 and 1 micron prefilters Granulated Activated Carbon (NSF Approved) final cartridge These Viqua UV systems are the new industry standard and there are none with the same quality and price available. This UV system was designed in New Zealand to be used as a whole house treatment making every tap in your home safe to drink from. With the Triple 10 inch Big Blue housings it will produce up to 60 litres per minute flow with an appropriate pump.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review